Shaun Porter from Nutmeg – Managing your personal finances


The Running Footman, Mayfair. February 25th, 2014. 

Personal finances is an area where women are (statistically speaking) lacking in education, knowledge and conviction. As Erin Rogin from Strategic Financial Designs puts it, “The dumbest thing I see women do with money is convincing themselves that they aren’t good with it.” So to address that we had Shaun Port speaking to us. Shaun is Chief Investment Officer at Nutmeg, an online savings and investment management service. Started just over 3 years ago, Nutmeg is shaking up the investment world and opening up options for individual investing – the sharp eyed amongst you may have spotted their recent adverts on the tube.

Shaun demystified finance for us, and explained everything from how funds work, to what different assets classes are, to what we should be thinking about from ISA’s to pensions to mortgages. He broke down the important stuff, and gave us these top tips:

  1. Inflation is the enemy
  2. Harness the power of compounding
  3. Start saving and investing early
  4. Beware of fees and make use of pensions and ISAs
  5. Don’t follow the fad; think long term

Karina Robinson – Tips to get to the top


Bumpkin, Notting Hill. November 26th, 2013 

Karina Robinson joined us for our very first Broad Minded event, talking us through her top 10 tips for getting to the top. Karina has had a very interesting and enviable career. She started as an equity analyst at a merchant bank before becoming the Political and Economic Correspondent at Bloomberg. Today she is the Founding Principal of Robinson Hambro, a firm focusing on chairman advisory services and one that has played a key advisory role to Lord Davies Women on Boards. She is a major advocate and voice for women in the workplace, with positions on the Diversity Advisory Panel for Fiona Woolf and the Global Female Leaders Summit 2015.

Karina gave us a brilliant presentation – top tips below:

  • Sense of humour – lesson for us all, but especially those majoring in the balancing act
  • Keep a duster handy – expect to face some different treatment as a woman; learn to deal with it and dust yourself down afterwards.
  • Money money money – make sure you have control of your own finances
  • Connect, above all, connect – we may not always love it, but networking and building relationships will be an invaluable asset
  • Marry well – you don’t need to find your own Roman Abramovich but finding a supporting partner is incredibly important for any woman, especially one that wants to follow their own career path
  • Be an alien – don’t be afraid to stand out; you’re a woman and be proud of that.
  • Grasp opportunities – if you see the glimmer of an opportunity, grab it!
  • Support other women – often women’s worst enemy at work can be other women. We’re in this together – support each other.
  • Drop the guilt trip – can we have it all? Who cares, you’ve got enough to think about without that on top.
  • Have fun!