Making the Step from Doer to Leader with Heather Jackson


How to make the step from ‘doer’ to leader – positioning yourself for success

1. Build your confidence. This has been shown to have a profound impact on achievement so we need to work on it. Build personal and professional support around you, make sure you take care of your physical and mental health, and keep reminding yourself how great you are!

2. Recognize and value your capabilities. Know your strengths and skills and build on these; if there are gaps in your knowledge go out and teach yourself what you need (there’s a YouTube video for pretty much everything).
3. Invest time in your contacts. Take building your network seriously; this is an essential business tool:
– Get a sponsor (read the Sponsorship Effect report if you need proof of how important this is).
Identify who your sponsor will be, then spend three months becoming known to everyone around them, then approach them. This will become an invaluable relationship in your life.
– Networking is not about who you know, but who knows you. At every event you attend, decide the three people you want to connect with and make them your target for the evening.  It’s about quality of connection rather than quantity.
– Always listen to hear – not to respond.
– And follow up the next day.

4. You are the catalyst for change in your own life; take responsibility and ownership of your career and your career choices and never feel guilty for the choices you’ve made.

5. Finally, remember to lift as you climb.  Accept you are a role model and share responsibility for helping those around you.  If you don’t stand up for yourself and ask for that pay rise, for example, then the women two rungs below you won’t have a hope. You are responsible for changing corporate culture for yourself and for the women that follow you.

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