Brave New World of Technology

Harriet green broadminded

IBM HQ, London. November 30th, 2015
Whatever industry you work in, technology, big data and artificial intelligence will play an increasingly pivotal role, but women continue to lag men in the skills necessary to manage this changing landscape. While many of us may not aspire to be a coder or data analyst, having a grasp of how to take advantage of new technology and manipulate data may differentiate you from the crowd.
Harriet Green, global head of Watson Internet of Things, education and commerce, former Thomas Cook CEO and 2013 winner of Veuve Clicquot Businesswoman of the year, joined us to talk about her own personal career, the implications of technological progress for women’s careers, and the importance of relearning to adapt to this new world. We were thrilled to have Harriet joining us for the evening, and were very inspired by the evening.
For those of you not there, we had a few very important takeaways

1. Women should be acquiring skills the world needs. e.g. digital skills. There are only 16% women in the tech industry.
2. Chose carefully the person you will work for, rather than the organization. Look for the person who will nurture your development.
3. Know yourself: know what makes you tick.
4. Seek out experiences that are outside your native language and comfort zone.
5. Take a bit more risk.
6. Don’t take yourself too seriously, on the upturn or on the downturn.
7. Great leadership is the will to lead and the will to learn. Be good at the here and now as well as the bigger picture.
8. Don’t be obsessed with what people think. Worry less about being loved and more about being respected.

[And lastly…it’s all about “asset management…”]

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