Kate Philp: From Afghanistan to Antarctica

Man Group HQ, London. April 26th 2017
Kate joined the Army straight from Oxford University and was deployed on front-line operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. An Improvised Explosive Device (IED) put an end to her tour of Afghanistan and Kate’s injuries resulted in her electing to have her leg amputated below the knee. At the end of 2013 Kate trekked to the South Pole as part of an expedition organised by Walking With The Wounded, braving -45 degree temperatures, frost bite and exhaustion.
Kate talked to us about drawing on her resilience to overcome both professional and personal challenges, in a fascinating journey that took her from fighting on the front line in Afghanistan to surviving in the hostile environment of Antarctica. Kate is truly inspiring; her spirit, determination and general attitude to life is something we’ll all hope to replicate.
Here are 10 key takeaways from the evening:
1. Think of the four Es: explore, express, examine, experience
2. Keep things in perspective: there’s always someone worse off than you
3. Remember your goal but don’t be afraid to redefine success
4. Get out of your comfort zone and test your limits
5. Trust yourself and the decisions you make; this goes deeper than confidence
6. Don’t be afraid to ask for help; and be ready to help others
7. Exercise your body and your mind
8. Don’t be defined by labels
9. Don’t just exist, be excited
10. And always have Prince Harry on hand to do the washing up…

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