Career Advice for Ambitious Women – an evening with Mrs Moneypenny


Gail’s Bakery, Marble Arch. April 22nd, 2015

We had the fabulous and thoroughly entertaining Mrs Moneypenny aka Heather McGregor – FT columnist, TV personality and owner of the very successful executive search firm Taylor Bennett. Heather took us through her book ‘Career Advice for Ambitious Women’ and gave us much to reflect on and practical advice to follow.

We did our best to put together the highlights for our BroadMinded members, but can highly recommend the book for even more helpful advice for planning the future of your career:

1) Get some qualifications – what you know will always be important, so build your human capital.

2) Build a network – connections and people are invaluable in any industry and any field. So get out there and network (BroadMinded is the #1 place to start of course!)

3) Never think it’s too late – there is no time for regret. If you wish you had done something in the past, find a way to do it now.

4) Learn to say no – unfortunately while men are conditioned to perform, women are conditioned to please which means we find it hard to say no to anyone. Think about what and how to prioritise now, as we’ll only be pulled in more directions as time goes on.

5) You can’t have it all – The dream is of the perfect house, marriage, children, challenging job, charity work, pilates on the weekend…of course free time to read and continue to learn. Unfortunately the reality is that having all of this is near-impossible! But choose what’s important to you, and plan time to fit in everything you can.
6) Be prepared to do more than a man – but also learn to let go. Choose your arguments, and learn to delegate.
7) Control your own finances – being financially literate is incredible important in order for you to know what options you have in front of you. You need to be able to evaluate what career and life choices are financially viable.
8) Do something outside work and your family – a real BroadMinded plug! It’s important outside of your work and home life to have a project that you don’t do for money, but something that improves your human and social capital. You may make connections and live experiences which impact your future options.
9) Promote yourself – build the brand! 85% of communication is non-verbal, so how we look is incredibly important. Don’t forget to accessorise with an FT or an Economist poking out of the large lap-top ready handbag!
10) You can’t do it alone – relevant for both your career and home life. With a strong team of people around you, anything is possible.

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