How to build executive presence and improve presentation skills


Bumpkin, Notting Hill. October 22nd, 2014 

We were delighted to have Susan Treadgold, founder of Treadgold Executive Development, join us to speak about presentation skills. As part of this she shared her thoughts and advice on developing executive presence and why it is particularly important for women of our age. Susan also talked about some of her personal experience, particularly around her career in banking and subsequent transition to becoming an entrepreneur. There were many takeaways, but these really stayed with us:

  1. First impressions count
  2. Most people notice how you look and sound, not what you say
  3. Executive presence is 67% gravitas, 28% communication and 5% appearance
  4. Mehrabian’s pyramid of communication shows that we communicate via words (5%), tone (38%) and body language (55%)
  5. Powerful mammals take up space: give yourself wings
  6. Aim for excellent speaking skills: avoid ummm/I think/I feel/I believe; use and rather than but
  7. Breathe from your abdomen
  8. Appearance should be polished and put together
  9. The jacket is a key part of the corporate uniform
  10. Relax – if you worry about doing something (eg blushing) then you are just encouraging it

Susan mentioned a fantastic speaking society called Toastmasters – – If any of you go please do send us your thoughts, we’d love to hear how you find it. And you can find information about Susan’s future Masterclasses here

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