An evening with Female Entrepreneurs at Esc the City School


Escape the City School, The City. September 17th, 2014

We had two fantastic speakers lined up to speak for our event with Esc the City, two women who are among the UK’s most prominent female entrepreneurs.

In 1962 Dame ‘Steve’ Stephanie set up a technology company with just £6 (at the time she had to get her husband’s permission to open a bank account). When her company peaked in the 1980s, she was worth £150 million. She has given away at least £67 million to more than 100 philanthropic projects. Louise Chester-Cox was a Director of several City banks and headed up a global team advising on over £50bn of assets. She attributes practicing mindfulness for the last 18 years as the greatest tool to help her manage life and be more effective, and has subsequently set up her own businesses that train on mindfulness at work

Dame Stephanie Shirley talked about the lessons she’d learnt through her pretty amazing life as an entrepreneur and philanthropist:

1) Work with people better than you

2) Choose your partner (in work and life) wisely

3) Believe in the beauty of work – if you don’t commit to what you’re doing, you’re just taking up space

4) Change can be your friend

5) Giving your time and money for social good will make you feel great

We can also highly recommend her book ‘Let it Go’ – amazon link here

Louise Cox-Chester followed with tips on practising mindfulness. She was working flat out as an investment analyst when she discovered the practice. Mindfulness should help you gain awareness, clarity and perspective on your life, and should help with managing stress and the pressures of multi-tasking. She founded Mindfulness at Work, which offers fantastic courses (we can vouch for them!) – all info on the website

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