Shaun Porter from Nutmeg – Managing your personal finances


The Running Footman, Mayfair. February 25th, 2014. 

Personal finances is an area where women are (statistically speaking) lacking in education, knowledge and conviction. As Erin Rogin from Strategic Financial Designs puts it, “The dumbest thing I see women do with money is convincing themselves that they aren’t good with it.” So to address that we had Shaun Port speaking to us. Shaun is Chief Investment Officer at Nutmeg, an online savings and investment management service. Started just over 3 years ago, Nutmeg is shaking up the investment world and opening up options for individual investing – the sharp eyed amongst you may have spotted their recent adverts on the tube.

Shaun demystified finance for us, and explained everything from how funds work, to what different assets classes are, to what we should be thinking about from ISA’s to pensions to mortgages. He broke down the important stuff, and gave us these top tips:

  1. Inflation is the enemy
  2. Harness the power of compounding
  3. Start saving and investing early
  4. Beware of fees and make use of pensions and ISAs
  5. Don’t follow the fad; think long term

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