Britt Lintner – how to manage work, passions and family


First Floor, Portobello Road. June 11th, 2014 

Britt Lintner joined us for an evening of laughter and frank discussion. Britt manages a successful career as Managing Director at hedge fund Man/GLG investment management as well as being a successful clothes designer, wife of one and mother of two. Britt’s no nonsense tips on work, life and fashion were refreshing and inspiring, and we summed them up two lists of tops tips for life and fashion.

Britt’s tips for life:

  1. Life isn’t linear. No extreme ever lasts, so keep moving.
  2. If you don’t know your worth or value, don’t expect someone else to calculate it
  3. Jump headfirst into everything
  4. Take every risk now, especially before you have responsibility
  5. A positive, can-do attitude will go a long way
  6. Keep your femininity
  7. Speak up. Push your friends and peers into being more direct
  8. Don’t ruminate, move on
  9. Control the volatility of your emotions. (but you can cry!)
  10. Tell the trust and be honest
  11. Align yourself with your mentors/sponsors/people you admire
  12. Dress to a brand

And on that final one, here are Britt’s top tips for dressing for work:

  1. Buy clothes that are 1%-5% elastane/Lycra so that they keep their fit and don’t need dry cleaning too often
  2. Use cedar shoe trees to keep your shoes in good nick
  3. Mix high quality with high street (Zara etc)
  4. Stick to leopard print and polka dot, these are the only prints that don’t go out of fashion
  5. Count your accessories – if there’s more than eight then take some off
  6. Invest in shoes and handbags as they will last
  7. Stick to dark, neutral block colours for the office
  8. Respect your environment – dress conservatively at work
  9. Know what you look good in
  10. Leave your inner Miley Cyrus/Rihanna at home

And most importantly, be yourself!

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